• Please advice doors OPEN 20 Minutes BEFORE 1st class of DAY/EVE & doors CLOSE for class right AFTER class start time

  • NO LATE ENTRY We apologize but no late entry please. Everyone's experience matters, out of consideration to everyone's class experience, the studio space and time, entrance will not be granted after class begins. Please plan ahead and create time to get to class in time. We're all busy with much to do, create time to show-up on time and make it happen!


  • SIGN-UP ONLINE (Download Our App THE MAIN BARRE) Please reserve your class online or over the phone ahead of time so we know to expect you! Walk-ins are welcome, however not guaranteed a spot when it comes to limited space, classes can fill up, so sign-up!

  • COME PREPARED Bring a mat, towel (yoga towel or regular if you'd like), bottle of water. We provide Sparkllets water dispensary for you to fill-up your water bottle or to grab a cup if you need. *The studio rents mats ($2). Members can sign-up for Monthly Mat Service for $10. First-time visitors get a complimentary mat.


  • ARRIVE EARLY Doors open 20 minutes before first class of day/eve. 1st time students please arrive at least 15 minutes before class to get settled in, align your vibe, set your focus for your purpose & intention of the class. Entrance will not be granted after class begins. *(The warm-up of each class is important, which is why we ask you do your best to show up on-time.)

  • CLEANLINESS Practice Cleanliness when entering the studio, no shoes on studio floor please.

  • HONOR SILENCE No cell phones in studio/on studio floor, please silence phones, and keep all phone calls outside of the studio, be present and ready to workout. Handle your business before or after class, create time to shut off electronics (including wrist watches) for class, so you can clear your mind, connect and be present.

  • STAY IN THE ROOM Welcome to a place where it really is ALL ABOUT YOU! This is your class, your workout, your time to get what you need. It takes a few classes to get into the flow and get a good grasp on each workout, honor yourselves and your community, stay with your teacher! Please do your best to show up to class on-time. We're ready to help you meet your fitness goals, come with an open mind, be present, focused and ready with energy to workout!

  • INJURIES If you have any pre-exisitng injures or conditions please advise your instructor.

  • PUNCTUALITY Please refrain from talking during class. Please also do not enter class late or leave early, or during Savasana (final cool down in class), it's disruptive to others. Please honor and respect your surrounding community and the energetic space we share. Ultimately, this is a your class, come with an open mind, let go, trust and enjoy!

Q: Where are you located &  how do I get in? 


A: We're located in the historic core, on the corners of 6th and Main, in the heart of the historic core. On the 4th floor, we're above Pussy & Pooch pet store, and across the street from Artisan House restaurant. When you arrive to the door, use our call box, simply DIAL 195, we'll buzz you in, you head to the 4th floor. Step off the elevator, and we're directly to your right. Better yet, take the stairs for that extra cardio and warm-up, when you got the top of the 4th, make a U-Turn (look over your right shoulder), we're on your left. You can't miss it!

Q: So, I wanna take class! What should I wear/bring? 

A: Workout in what you feel comfortable in. Our classes incorporate a variety of movements and stretches, so we suggest you wear anything that allows you to move/feel flexible and most importantly, what you're comfortable in. All classes are socks or barefoot it's up to you, with the exception of our- ROCK HARD CLASS (bring shoes or go barefoot). Please bring a bottle of water, a mat and a towel if you have one. *The studio rents mats for ($2). Members can sign up for monthly mat service for $10. First-time visitors get a complimentary mat. You are welcome to bring a change of clothes. Keep in mind we're in a boutique loft setting, with a spacious bathroom, and a shower available for use.

Q: How soon will I see results?

A: We recommend that you take class at least 3-4 times a week to see the best visible results within six weeks or less. The workout is all about what you make of it. You should expect to burn anywhere from 350-500 Calories/Class. Results include long, lean beautiful muscles, lifted seat, flat-Abs, gorgeous toned arms, and a sexy waistline!

Q: What if I have injuries?

A: Please indicate any new or previous injures on your New Client Intake form. Also, notify your instructor so they can provide you with any necessary modifications. If you have just come off an injury or are still healing from one, please provide a doctor’s note indicating you are cleared to participate in ANY workout activities. Please remember our instructors are not doctors, if you're coming off any injury where you have seen a doctor or think you need to seek one, than please help us help you and provide a doctors note permitting you to do exercise. 

Q: Can I take class if I am Pregnant?

A: If you are pregnant and are an existing client with The Main Barre, and have taken at least 10 classes, you may continue to take class if you have a doctor’s note permitting you to exercise. If you are pregnant and a first time client at The Main Barre, you are NOT permitted to take class, even with a doctor's note. If you are an existing client and you have become pregnant, please advise us BEFORE the start of class.

Q: I'm under 18, can I take class?

A: Clients under the age of 18 can take class if they have a parent or guardian sign-off on the New Client Intake form. Only clients 13 and over may attend class.

Q: Do you provide Childcare?

A: We don't provide childcare. Children under 13 are not allowed.

Q: What is your Cancellation Policy?

A: Please read under Studio Policies regarding this question.

Q: Where should I park? 

A: There are three parking lots available for parking. One is directly across the street on 6th and Main. Another is catty corner to us, on 6th and Main. You can also park in the PE lofts building on 6th and Main. Unfortunately, we don't offer any parking validation at this time, but we are working on it! Street parking available, pay attention to parking signs and meters!

Q: I'd like to ride my bike to the main barre, is there a location where I can lock my bike?

A: Yes! You can lock you bike on the 4th floor stair case railing, right outside the studio. You will see it once you come to the top of the stairs or step off the elevator. Please bring your own bike lock.

Q: Do I need to bring anything else?

A: Just bring yourselves, socks or barefoot, mats, towels or whatever you need for a successful workout! Don't worry, if you forget anything we have all the necessities available for rental. Come ready with an open mind to have fun and work it out!