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Q: Where are you located, how do I get in? DIAL 195 @ THE CALL BOX! 

A: We’re located in the historic core, on the corners of 6th and Main, in the heart of the historic core. On the 4th floor, we’re above Pussy & Pooch pet store, and across the street from Artisan House restaurant. When you arrive to the door, use our call box, simply DIAL 195, we’ll buzz you in, you head to the 4th floor. Step off the elevator we’re directly to your right. Better yet, take the stairs for that extra cardio and warm-up, when you got the top of the 4th, make a U-Turn (look over your right shoulder), we’re on your left. Can’t miss it!

Get in touch to book private classes, private group events, and bachelorette parties. We can’t wait to hear from you!


Santa Fe Building, Corner of 6th and Main, 4TH FLOOR
560 South Main Street, 4W, Los Angeles, CA 90013


1 213-623-1213