Our goal is to provide the optimal workout in the barre fitness industry within the Downtown Los Angeles area, expanding into Southern California, using the progression of dance, yoga, Pilates, and fitness-inspired method movements.

We strive to be the MAIN fitness experience of Downtown Los Angeles, delivering a
workout where you’re the MAIN focus. Providing passionate energy, addictive positivity and innovative techniques and props to give to the mind, body, heart and soul connection. The Main Barre is creating a space where you can take time to release and get what you need, while finding your true fitness self through an empowering and invigorating experience.

A DTLA local, goes from visionary to real life self-made entrepreneur. 6 years ago, every night, founder/owner Audra Skaates would stand outside the Santa Fe building, looking up at what felt like a magical glass slipper, dreaming of what could come to life in such a beautiful space. For Skaates, it was a dream, to create an oasis where she could share her love for fitness and dance high above the streets of Downtown Los Angeles and bring something special to the DTLA area and community. As she puts it, 

"I knew I had something special to share with my community and knew it was something I had to pursue." I fell in love with barre as a student and then as a teacher. The physical rewards and the mental focus stole my heart, but my soul needed something else and the current corporate fitness settings weren’t connecting those elements. I dedicated my efforts to redesigning the workout that I loved so much by incorporating innovative props, adding variety and new methods to fit the evolving and energetically connected population. I made it my mission to create a new approach to the workouts that changed my life, adapting and molding it to my own needs, hoping it would find a home somewhere. That somewhere was Downtown LA.
I started practicing with local friends and community, pretending they were all future clients, doodling studio names on post-its and frequently walking by as if I already had a running schedule. One day, I heard there was an available lease in the building, so I decided to go for it. Sleeping with my fingers crossed, by morning I'd become a business owner.
We all have a story, we all go through so much, but we all strive for happiness. Working out is my happiness. It’s about feeling good, getting what you need solely for you, then giving back. For me, I had to knock down a few walls, build some new ones, add some paint, mirrors and barres— so that, after all the hard work, I could share my happiness with others. The Main Barre opened 6 years ago, on November 15, 2011.
It's an experience, an opportunity to change, evolve and get stronger. Without knowing it, I started a movement. And I'm proud to say it's the first of its kind here in Downtown LA."