At The Main Barre, balance is our focus. We strive to achieve fitness excellence through the journey of experience, creativity, originality and passion. We want you to feel welcome at The Main Barre— a place you can call home, full of positivity, great energy, and an uplifting community you won’t find anywhere else.

Our studio is more than just a place for an everyday workout; it’s a place to come escape and explore. Whether it’s of the mind, body or both, we strive to create an experience like no other. The Main Barre is energetic, inviting and addictive. When you become a part of The Main Barre, you commit to a journey for self-growth and empowerment, which will propel you within your practice and fitness.

Welcome to your home,

Audra Skaates





Audra is the founder and owner of The Main Barre, Downtown LA’s original barre workout. Solely female owned, Audra is a warrior, an international trainer, who in 20 years of teaching has taught over 500,000 people across the world and back. Self-funded, she opened The Main Barre just 2 months shy after putting herself through school and graduating college. A true entrepreneur at heart, she knows what it takes to leap with no parachute, face fear courageously and dive into the dream, with no guarantees but one, she sure believes in herself. She’s self-made beyond entrepreneurship at the barre or as a studio owner, she’s a fitness artist. A dancer at heart, boxer, and professional athlete who thrives on connecting all of these elements to her other two loves which is being a public speaker and mentor in her community and beyond. Dedicated to female empowerment, she raises the barre, giving voice and recognition by encouraging women to focus on streamlining themselves to be their very best, inside and out, no matter what. To Skaates, that’s what really matters, beyond any accreditation, diploma or title. But what about her history? Well speaking of her credits, Audra’s been on/in HBO Boxing, MTV, Disney, Vogue, Ellen, LA Times, and E! Entertainment, she has also trained with Jaime Camil from Jane The Virgin, along with fitness celebrity Jillian Michaels on an episode of The Doctors.

Using her background and knowledge from her extensive fitness training, Audra developed The Main Barre’s classes and choreography to offer a more effective workouts that offer variety with a vibe. Audra’s passion is staying on her A game, forever evolving in her fitness career, staying on top of all the flavors fitness has to offer. She has continued her fitness education and has become a certified in barre, STRONG, TRX, Power Yoga via the rigorous Yoga Alliance certification process, and most is a trainer at her favorite place to be, City of Angels Boxing. Audra has been recognized as one of the Best Barre Instructors in LA by Rate Your Burn, CBS Best of LA, and The Main Barre is often featured as one of the top ten barre hybrid studios in LA in publications like Self Magazine and the LA TIMES. Audra is also an Ambassador for Lorna Jane Activewear and Carbon 38, she also enjoys working with fun brands like ALO and Varley.

Warm and welcoming, Audra’s teaching style separates herself and her studio from the rest. Through Audra’s obvious love and enthusiasm for fitness, dance and instruction, The Main Barre has grown to become a community-driven studio with an encouraging and energetic atmosphere. Audra’s goal is to help every person lead a happy and healthy life solely dedicated to feeling good.